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Shafik Rehman was arrested on specific allegations: Obaidul Quader


The conspiracy was done to abduct and kill Sajib Wazed Joy to destroy the Awami League (AL), road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader has said yesterday.“Joy is the son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He is the future leader of AL, so the conspirators have tried to AL at risk by killing him. All the matters have brought out through FBI investigation,” the minister told reporters at the secretariat.
He further alleged that the conspirators had taken the dark path after failure of their movements in open politics.
” Shafik Rehman was arrested on specific allegations, ” Obaidul Quader said, adding that no political reasons behind the arrest of senior journalist Shafik Rehman.
“His arrest was based on statements of several people convicted at a US federal court, where they mentioned his involvement in the conspiracy,” the minister said referring to the FBI report.
Quader, also Awami League’s presidium member, said the plot to murder Joy, the only son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is the latest blueprint to wipe out Bangabandhu’s future clan, and this was revealed as police raided through Shafik Rehman’s residence to find out for related documents earlier in his presence.
He also said they are not treating Shafik Rehman as guilty until the court convicts him.
He further said it is a sensitive issue, as Joy’s detractors are the ones responsible behind plotting to kill the architect behind the country’s ICT revolution.
Those who are speaking including BNP against the arrest of Shafik Rehman, even they cannot avoid their responsibility of conspiracy on attempting to abduct Joy, Obaidul Quader said.


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