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Shun loan-based mega projects for nature-friendly uplift


Dhaka – Speakers at a seminar on Thursday called upon the policymakers to think about the development philosophy anew taking the vulnerable situation of the environment into consideration.
They put emphasis on the need to taking natural friendly projects shunning the hopes of getting loans only from donor countries and agencies.
Criticizing the governments for taking mega projects, they observed that the country invited destruction in the name of big projects aiming at increasing the rate of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
They observed that the country might be unlivable once if projects are not taken considering the environmental hazards.
Society for Environment and Human Development (SHED), a non-government organization, organized the seminar on manmade disaster in the city.
Speaking at the seminar as the chief guest, eminent economist Prof Wahiduddin Mahmud said the world development philosophy has created a conflict with environment which is a big challenge of the world.
“Bangladesh faces more challenges as it has lesser quantity of unused land,” he said.
He alleged that the people involved in development activities are resorting to falsehood in implementation of development activities.
Economist Prof Anu Mohammed said during the last three decades of development ownership of different properties including hills were given to personal ownership.
“With implementation of mega projects, a severe disaster has been fallen in the environment,” he said.
Prof Dr Hossain Zillur Rahman, who presided over the seminar, said our citizens have become subjects during the last three decades of development due to thinking of socialism.
He called upon the policymakers to come out from the thinking and get involve the economists in development philosophy.
Bishop Theotonius Gomes, architecture Han Han, Prof M Shahidul Islam and Khushi Kabir, among others, also some on the occasion. – Staff Reporter


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