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Solo painting show of artist Anupan open at AF Dhaka on Friday


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A solo painting exhibition titled “Chronicle of Existence” of artist Reza Asad Al Huda Anupam will be inaugurated at La Galerie, Alliance Française Dhaka on Friday, 22 September at 5.30 pm.

Narrative wall by painter Reza Asad Al Huda Anupam

Narrative wall by painter Reza Asad Al Huda Anupam

Eminent artist Professor Samarjit Roy Chowdhury will grace the occasion as the chief guest while eminent artist Professor Mohammad Eunus will remain present as the special guest.
About Chronicle of Existence: Not every artist is fortunate enough to remember the incident that made them face the inner self for the first time in their life. That first encounter made them feel that all the stories that are stored deep within need a unique language to come out.
Artist Reza Asad Al Huda Anupam states, “I am lucky that I can recall that epiphanic moment of my life: when I was an adolescent, while standing amidst a vast open field I heard the dawn chorus of a cuckoo that numbed me with an unforgettable pain. I knew I had to capture that moment.
I knew I had to draw that pain. Canvas, paint and brush became the apparatus of the language that could express what I was feeling at the exact moment.”
Anupam continues, “Have you ever felt like myths and legends that you received as legacy from your ancestors are dancing with the joy of life, like a surreal stream of consciousness? Have you ever noticed the convivial sounds morphing their shapes into a sweet melancholy in the landscapes drawn on forgotten walls? Have you ever been in a position where all you have seen, all the memories that you have within yourself are amalgamated inside you in such a way that you cannot distinguish between reality and imagination? These phenomena can give you the tools to interpret what I create in abstract forms and narratives.”
Anupam thinks of himself as an instrumentalist, but with paint and paintbrush. On his canvasses, he is trying to contemplate the past and the future, and stitch them together with the threads of his imagination.
The exhibition will be open to all until 6th October 2017 at La Galerie, Alliance Française de Dhaka. Visiting Hours: Monday to Thursday from 3:00pm to 9:00pm, Friday and Saturday (9:00am to12:00 noon and 5:00pm to 8:00pm). Closed -Sunday. – AF Dhaka press release


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