Egg Fair ends in chaos as queue too big against supply

Egg Fair ends in chaos as queue too big against supply


A special egg sale in Dhaka has ended in drama after police scuffled with people who formed chaotic queues, surprising organisers by turning up in the thousands.

The sale aimed to mark World Egg Day on Friday and was jointly organised by the Department of Livestock Services and the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council or BPICC.

The prospect of buying an egg for just Tk 3 attracted thousands, who began queuing up in front of the Krishibid Institution at Khamarbari from 7am. The market price for a single egg is above Tk 8.

Their presence prompted the organisers to start the egg sale at 9am, an hour before schedule.

By that time, the queues of people carrying empty containers, even buckets and burlap sacks, stretched beyond the Bijoy Sarani intersection.

The organisers had announced that up to 90 eggs would be sold to an individual buyer, causing people of various ages and professions to respond with enthusiasm.

But the organisers, who advertised the sale on newspapers and created a Facebook event, said they were not prepared for the crowds that soon turned erratic.

The police responded by charging baton, starting a scuffle that halted the sale around 10am, when it was originally set to start.

People waiting restlessly in the queues eventually pushed down the egg sale’s main platform outside KIB auditorium, destroying many eggs in the process.


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