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Stop arrests, release pol prisoners for tranquil environ: Bnp


BNP leaders yesterday accused the government of fielding what it said loyal administration and Election Commission after the ir party decided to contest the city corporation polls denying them a walkover.
“The government wants to create crisis and anarchy anew by carrying out repression on opposition-backed candidates, filing false cases against them and taking a ridiculous decision of cancelling nomination paper of Abdul Awal Mintoo as they could realise that the people would exercise their franchise not in favour of the candidates backed by them,” said BNP standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan.In a statement he criticised the Prime Minister for extending support to Annisul Hoq formally from a party meeting at her official residence and subsequent silence of EC on the matter.
Khan said though the EC has earned criticism from media and others but it preferred to remain deaf and dumb.
He said the government had suddenly decided to hold city polls in Dhaka and Chittagong in a bid score in the absence of the real opponents by taking the opportunity of putting thousands of 20-party leaders and activists into prisons implicating them in false cases and creating panic among them.
“But now the government fielded loyal administration and the EC as the entire situation went against them following the strategic decision of the BNP and 20-party alliance,” he said.
The BNP leader called upon the government to immediately refrain from such evil activities and warned that the people would unitedly resist any attempt to hold January 5 like election.
In a separate statement BNP joint secretary general Barkatullah Bulu called upon the government to stop the arrest and harassment of party leaders and activists.
He alleged that a panic has been created among the party and activist on their way to and from the party central officde.
Though the party central office was opened three days ago police arrested at least 13 leaders and activists of the party, he claimed.
Bulu called upon the government to stop the harassment to opposition leaders and activists and allow them to carryout their work smoothly.
He also called for ensuring equal opportunity for leaders and activists of opposition parties to take part in election campaign and keep them free from the panic of arrest ahead of the city corporation polls.
The BNP leader also demanded of the government to take necessary initiative to restore tranquil environ in the political arena by releasing all the political prisoners. – Staff Reporter


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