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Stop persecution of Rohingya, ICSF tells Myanmar


It calls on India, China to persuade Myanmar to resolve crisis
Dhaka, Sept – International Crimes Strategy Forum (ICSF) on Sunday called on the Myanmar authorities to pay heed to international opinion and immediately stop its persecution of Rohingya.It also asked Myanmar to instruct its security forces to exercise restraint, recognise the Rohingyas as an ethnic group, repatriate the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and elsewhere, lift long-standing restrictions on the community and grant all Rohingyas their full citizenship rights that they deserve.
“Many of these points have already been recommended by a UN Commission Report prepared by the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan,” said the ICSF, an independent global network of experts, justice advocates and organisations committed to end impunity for international crimes.
The Forum called on the Myanmar government to allow unfettered access to, and security to, the UN fact finding team to assess the level of the recent atrocities, the humanitarian and aid agencies and international press and media.
“We call on the civil society of Myanmar to recognise the plight of the Rohingyas and the severity of its security operations. We further call upon all multinational and transnational companies working in Myanmar to unequivocally recognise the humanitarian crisis,” reads the statement.
The ICSF urged neighbouring countries like India, China and other Asean countries to denounce the actions of the Myanmar authorities in the strongest possible terms and persuade Myanmar to resolve the crisis immediately, including the possibility of sanctions from the international level to effect compliance.
It urged the international community to step up efforts in ensuring justice for the Rohingyas and accountability for the State of Myanmar.
“There can be no lasting peace and democracy without justice and accountability for grave international crimes such as genocide,” reads the statement.
As Myanmar remains a non-signatory to the Rome Statute, there is a jurisdictional bar to investigate and prosecute Myanmar at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
“This is why we call on the responsible states of the world community, including Bangladesh which is the only ICC State Party in South Asia, to sponsor a UN Security Council resolution to refer Myanmar for its atrocities to the ICC for investigation and prosecution,” it said.
They also called on all the members of the UN Security Council to pass such a resolution, if and when it comes for their consideration.
They urged the international civil society and all countries of the world to exercise vigilance to invoke universal jurisdiction against alleged perpetrators of international crimes from Myanmar whose names have already been revealed as a result of reports by the press and rights organisations.
“We believe, ignoring a genocide and crimes against humanity actively invites further such crimes to be committed. In this regard, we call on all concerned to record and document the evidences of crimes committed, along with the testimonies of the victims of these crimes, so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice,” reads the statement.
Over 430,000 refugees belonging to the minority Rohingya population of Rakhine State in Myanmar have crossed the border into Bangladesh since August 25 fleeing the latest spate of violence against them perpetrated by the Myanmar security forces, often aided by certain civilian groups.
According to reports by rights groups, satellite imagery, news reports, and eyewitness accounts, there have been widespread killings, rape, arson, wanton destruction of property and forceful displacement of the Rohingyas since so called ‘clearing operations’ by the Myanmar security forces started. – UNB


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