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Stop the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar 


Dear Colleagues,
What is happening to the Rohingya in Myanmar right now is planned, deliberate and targeted. It is the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis. It is ethnic cleansing.
Since 25 August, 412,000 Rohingya people have fled Myanmar to nearby Bangladesh, making this the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. Thousands arrive there every day. Traumatised and exhausted with nowhere to go.
We won’t let the Myanmar military get away with it. Take action now to stop the ethnic cleansing.
We are observing the violence and abuse towards the Rohingya people in both Myanmar and Bangladesh for more than 20 years.
Just last year watched the horrific torture, rape and abduction of men, women and children at the hands of Myanmar security forces.
The Amnesty International crisis team is on the ground now documenting and monitoring the situation.
The Amnesty International’s new satellite evidence shows that now more than 80 villages in the Rakhine State of Myanmar have been set ablaze.
This is a targeted attempt to harm already vulnerable Rohingya families.
Not only are the security forces using violence to drive the Rohingya away, but they are shooting people at random as they try to escape.
This is by far the worst crisis the world have seen in Myanmar.
It’s clear what has to happen next. The international community must put pressure on Myanmar to end its campaign of violence.
Enough is enough, together we can help end the violence. Take action now.
In solidarity,
Pervez Siddiqui
Executive Director
Witness Bangladesh


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