Such situation have not arised to deploy army in the polls :CEC

Such situation have not arised to deploy army in the polls :CEC



Chief Election Commissioner Dr Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad yesterday said he does not see any such situation demanding deployment of army for the forthcoming municipality polls.“We cannot forecast anything about deployment of army so early on. We are observing the situation. But we still do not see any such situation to deploy army in the polls,” he said while talking to reporters in the Election Commission.

The CEC’s comments came hours after a BNP delegation demanded the EC to deploy army for the civic polls to help voters to cast their ballots unhindered.

Kazi Rakibuddin expressed his optimism that the December 30 elections would be held in peacefully.

“We have taken all kinds of measures to hold the polls in a peaceful manner. We have directed all concerned to take lawful measures,” he said.

Replying to an allegation that all candidates are not getting equal opportunities, he said the commission is also receiving some reports in this regard.

He however said the commission is taking quick action including fine to deal with the matter.

Meanwhile, BNP yesterday reiterated its demand upon the Election Commission to deploy army during the forthcoming municipal elections to help voters cast their ballot unhindered.

“There is no alternative to the deployment of army to create a level playing ground for all the candidates. Voters cannot cast their ballots without deployment of army,” said BNP standing committee member Dr Abdul Moeen Khan after a party delegation led by him called on Chief Election Commissioner Dr Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad.

The BNP delegation reiterated the party demand a day after the party chairperson Khaleda Zia called for deployment of army during the December 30 civic polls which would be held for the first time under party symbols.

Talking to reporters, Dr Moeen Khan alleged that an anarchic situation has been created across the country centering the polls where BNP candidates are being harassed.

“So, deployment of army has become essential to create a congenial atmosphere for the elections,” he said.


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