Sufi scholars seeks attitudinal changes to negate global warming

Sufi scholars seeks attitudinal changes to negate global warming


Sufi scholars have called for changed human attitude in negating global warming as an international conference in Indian capital of New Delhi drew a number of Muslim Sufi saints and religious scholors to discuss ways to prevent curses like militancy of climate change.

“Militancy has appeared as a threat to world peace in one hand while climate change poses a threat to normal life of human being across the globe,” a press release quoted president of Parliament of world Sufis Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari as telling yesterday the conference staged by Universal Sufi Council.

He added: “The nature has extended its wide wings to protect human beings but it is losing its balance due to peoples over exploitation of nature.”

Ahmed particularly urged advanced world to take effective steps to minimize carbon emission through changing their lifestyle and attitude to save the vulnerable countries like Bangladesh from being worst victims of climate change.

Universal Sufi Council organized the 4-day Sufi Conference on “Interreligious Harmony and Doings for Global Warming” at India Islamic Cultural Centre from February 14 to 18.

He also urged the world leaders to take coordinated steps to root out militancy and terrorism to establish peace in the world.

Spiritual leaders and scholars of different sectors from different countries including Jonathan Groff and Peer Sabda Khan of the United States, Ghanaian born American Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar, Swami Chidanand Saraswati, Dr Omar Ilias, Syed Salman Chisti, Dr Farida Ali and Dr AK Merchant from India, Shayekha Noor Turkey and Erdal Tupra Kairan from Turkey joined the conference, reports BSS.


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