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Take care of ailing family member!


Blessed are those who are well and have no serious disease or physical disorder. But to fall sick or to get attacked by some critical disease is a part of natural phenomena over which we have no control. I have seen that some family members get hyper when one member falls seriously sick. They often even feel that the sick member has created an interruption to their usual life and recreation. In addition, there comes the matter of arranging sufficient fund to bearing the expansive treatment costs of the family member who has been attacked by some dreadful diseases.I am lucky because our family members work together to lessen the sufferings of any of our family members who get sick. When a family member get seriously ill and has to get admitted to a hospital, other members need to stay as attendant with the ailing one because in these days we cannot rely on the hospital nursing services. All the family members should sit together to work out the best treatment options in cool brain with patience. Now-a-days a huge volume of treatment options is available and it requires careful review through communicating with different national and international hospitals.
If the family members can share the pain and sufferings of one-another with patience, affection and sympathy, I am sure that it wouldn’t be much difficult to conquer the odd time and restore to our normal life style. So, be sympathetic and take proper care when one in the family gets sick allowing hard time to pass peacefully and free of stress. Put the rests on the God’s will!
Yours truly,
Prof. M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


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