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Tarana Halim sends email to Facebook


Tarana Halim has written to Facebook authorities conveying her wish to discuss a gamut of issues. The state minister for posts and telecommunications sent an email to the social networking site through the Posts and Telecommunications Division.Tarana Halim told Prothom Alo that the letter has been sent over cyber security of Bangladesh.“We’ll finalise the topics to be discussed with the Facebook authorities after we get their response,” said Tarana Halim adding that the letter has no link with the reopening of the popular social network in the country.
“Facebook will be reopened after we get green light from the home ministry,” she also said.Tarana Halim on Saturday told a roundtable that the government would sign a deal with Facebook authorities to collect information about its users in Bangladesh.In the first six months of this year, the Facebook authorities had “turned down requests from Bangladesh government for information about three users, in three separate requests.”The matter was disclosed in Facebook’s first ever transparency report, ‘Global Government Requests Report’ published on 12 November.Facebook, its messenger app and some other communication apps are currently closed in Bangladesh because of security reasons.


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