Tarique terms Bangabandhu 'illegal PM': He's lost senses – Nasim

Tarique terms Bangabandhu ‘illegal PM’: He’s lost senses – Nasim


In just two weeks of making the startling claim that Ziaur Rahman was Bangladesh’s first president, Tarique Rahman has now said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was an ‘illegal’ Prime Minister.
He made the assertion at a function, organised by the BNP at the Westminster Hall in London on Tuesday.
The BNP Senior Vice Chairman said Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the ‘first illegal prime minister of Bangladesh’ as he had apparently defied the proclamation of independence made on Apr 17, 1971, when the first government was formed.He quoted the declaration saying Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would remain as the president and Syed Nazrul Islam as the vice-president until the adoption of the Constitution.
“So, how does Sheikh Mujib take oath as the Prime Minister on Jan 12, after returning to Bangladesh on Jan 10? The Constitution was yet to be prepared then,” said Tarique, living in London since 2008.
The BNP leader came down hard on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, saying she had was holding on to power illegally, just like her father had done.
“The harsh truth, which may be unpleasant, has to be brought to light for the sake of history,” he said.
Tarique referred to an interview of Gonoforum president Kamal Hossain, once a close aide of Sheikh Mujib who was one of the framers of the Constitution.
Quoting from the interview published in the weekly ‘Shaptahik’ in 2010, he said: “Sheikh Mujib returned to an independent Bangladesh with a Pakistani Passport.
“(He) becomes the prime minister of Bangladesh after coming back to the country with a Pakistani passport? He could’ve obtained a UN travel document, honouring the Liberation War and independence, but he did not even do that.”
Reiterating his earlier claim made on Mar 25, on the eve of the Independence Day, he said: “Based on historical facts, it was said in that programme that Ziaur Rahman was the first president and had declared independence. Instead of coming up with a logical explanation, the Awami League leaders made repugnant comments.”
According to the BNP leader, Sheikh Hasina insulted the freedom fighters by saying that Ziaur Rahman was ‘a 400-taka Major’.
“These 400-taka Majors, 200-taka Captains, 100-taka soldiers and 50-taka farmers or general people were the ones who had fought the war. The Liberation War would never have happened if they took refuge in Kolkata like the Awami League leaders,” he added.
Tarique claimed that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did not want independence, he rather opted for autonomy.
During the speech, he showed a video clip of an interview of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman done by an international news agency.
It showed him saying while replying to a query by the reporter:
“Shwadhinota (Independence)? No, no, I don’t mean that, I want autonomy.”
The senior BNP leader pulled up some other references in favour of his claim.
Quoting a statement of Tajuddin Ahmed – the prime minister of the government that was formed on Apr 17, 1971 – from the book ‘Muktijudha Purbapar’, Tarique said: “Sheikh Mujib made it clear to Tajuddin that he might be sued for sedation if he declares independence.”
Health Minister Mohammad Nasim has strongly criticised Tarique for his remark and observed he needed treatment for mental problems as his party was in disarraty after the last elections. The ministry of law was the appropriate authority to decide what action could be taken against him, Nasim told the media.
Law Minister Anisul Haq brushed aside the observation and recalled Tarique Rahman called Ziaur Rahman the first president of Banglsadesh. Now he looks ready to create more confusions. The question arises whether he wants to recreate Pakistan, the Law Minister was quoted to have said. – Adapted from agencies


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