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Tech faults in photo printing waived in issuing Hajj visa


The complication in issuance of e-visa for hajj pilgrims has been resolved giving a sigh of relief to the hajj performers at the Ashkona hajj camp.
It was found yesterday that there was no frustration among the hajj pilgrims yesterday as there was no problem with obtaining their visa as they faced on two previous days.
The Saudi Embassy in Dhaka has started the issuance of visa for the hajj pilgrims normally since Monday night after the removal of technical faults particularly in printing the photographs, said a hajj official.
“With this the crisis of passengers of hajj flight has also ended,” he said.Joint secretary of religious ministry Hasan Jahangir told reporters that the problem with issuance of visa has been resolved yesterday.
“The issuance of visa is going on without any interruption. All the 2,600 hajj pilgrims under the government supervision has already been completed,” he claimed.
He said the embassy has already issued around 40,000 visas.
“Problem was created in issuing visa against 1,045 passports. The passports have been sent to the embassy. Visa will be issued soon against this passport,” he said.
Meanwhile, a tense situation has been created in the hajj camp area as the leaders of Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB) leaders and quota deprived agency owners stand face to face to protect their own interests.
The quota deprived agency owners yesterday staged agitation in front of hajj office demanding their due quota. – Staff Reporter


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