Temporary restriction on all mobile social apps has removed

Temporary restriction on all mobile social apps has removed


Staff Reporter

The government this afternoon lifted the temporary restriction on all mobile messaging and calling apps as well as social networking sites including viber, whatsapp, skype, twitter, imo for the convenience of people.“We’ve withdrawn all the temporary restriction on all the social networking sites as well as calling and messaging apps from now as per the decision of the government,” State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana Halim told The Independent.

She said: “all the operators will be received directive within an hour to unblock the apps and sites, and then those will be come alive after taking the necessary time for activation.”

Twitter, Skype and imo were restored in services within 24 hours of unblocked by the government while temporary restriction on whatsapp, viber and facebook-messenger were imposed on November 18 over security concerned.

However, the popular social networking site facebook has been come alive on December 10 after 22 days following the government decision.

Tarana Halim said the government has taken the decision for the convenience of the people.


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