Tension in National Press Club over election

Tension in National Press Club over election


Tension prevailed in the National Press Club Dhaka for the second consecutive day on Saturday as a committee chosen from amongst workers of the pro-Awami League members taking 10 out of 17 seats and a pro-Bnp dissident group taking seven seats without an election.
The club executive committee which had extended the date of election by violating a 6-decade-old tradition of the institution at the instance of the union leaders on the plea of scrutiny of voter list it prepared.
Subsequently however as the election schedule was deferred for a second time leaders of the pro-AL and pro-Bnp union leaders who are also members of the National Press opted to chose a compromise committee on the basis of understanding without election.

Crowd in front of the club general secretary's office on Saturday

Crowd in front of the club general secretary’s office on Saturday

However during the committee selection process union leaders of both sides forgot about the need to nominate ‘club-minded’ members in the committee, and instead nominated mostly union leaders who hardly had past experience in running the club. This probmted members from both the segments to submit nomination papers independently with the declared objective of foiling the attempt to choose a committee without election.
Unnerver by the reaction of the ordinary members the union leaders put pressure on the election committee to announce the names of only those who had been nominated through consultation between the two sides and throw away the nomination papers of others.
The election committee apparently came under pressure. politely expressed its inability to do the job and went Away. Followed the stalled election the JPC managing committee announced a gresh Emergency General meeting on 27 June to discuss the modalities of holding election.
The pro-AL faction leaders shifted their attention from their counterparts and instead stated dialogue with the pro-Bnp actioin led by Amanullah Kabir, Khandakar Manirul Akam and announced a committee aftr cinsultation on Match 28.
“We have taken charge of the club and we seek cooperation of all,” the new committee’s General Secretary Kamrul Islam Chowdhury has been quoted to have said.
The new 17-member body had organised a meeting presided by Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman in the chair at the club premises on Thursday.
Later the meeting was postponed until Sunday morning, he added.
Meanwhile, general secretary Syed Abdal Ahmed said that the new body was ‘illegitimate’. “A committee could only hand over responsibilities to another elected committee as per the club’s constitution,” he journalists.
Ahmad said that a meeting had been convened on June 27 as per the management committee’s decision to decide on its next step. – News Desk


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