Top model to adorn costume by Bangladeshi designer

Top model to adorn costume by Bangladeshi designer


Dhaka – Hollywood supermodel and actress Vanessa Curry has draped herself in Bangladeshi fabrics such as Muslin, Katan and Jamdani, all to be on the cover of the upcoming December issue of LA Fashion, designed by Zoan Ash’s Asma Sultana.
Asma’s Zoan Ash has been adulated by the Hollywood fraternity for incorporating traditional Bangladeshi fabrics such as Muslin and Jamdani into a modern silhouette.

She has already made headlines for walking the red carpet at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, 2016 at Downtown, Los Angeles in California. Asma was also asked to develop four very exclusive and precisely custom made dresses for RnB singer Rihanna.
Zoan Ash’s graceful and exquisite gowns have also made its mark and have appeared on California Apparel News, the biggest trade paper in the USA for fashion.
These gowns are not just featuring modern dress codes but are carrying a bit of Bangladesh. The coming collection features not only lace and embellishments but has heritage fabrics ranging from Muslin, Katan and Jamdani.


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