Tougher movement soon for pay scale revision- RUTA

Tougher movement soon for pay scale revision- RUTA


We have been demanding for re-determination of 8th national pay scale and also a individual pay scale, but the government has devaluated us by approving the pay-scale ultimately without considering our demand. We have been compelled to struggle on the street. We will stage tougher movement if our demand is not fulfilled.Members of Rajshahi University Teachers Association (RUTA) said this while addressing a meeting in front of university senate building at 11.00am on Thursday.

Earlier, RUTA brought a protest rally 0n the university campus protesting the newly approved pay scale and demanding individual pay scale for them.

RUTA president Ananda Kumar Saha says, though it was mentioned in Election Manifesto of the present government to make individual pay scale, but it has not taken effect.

He urged the government to meet the demands of the teachers. – RU Correspondent



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