Traders urge 'gold policy' to resolve debate on legality

Traders urge ‘gold policy’ to resolve debate on legality


Dhaka, May 25 – Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BAJUS) on Thursday said that the recent debate over the legality or otherwise of the gold they possess has emerged due to the absence of a clear principle in the country regarding export and import of gold.The Samity leaders also claimed their enterprises are totally legal as they have been paying VAT, income tax and other types of taxes to the government regularly, adding that their business cannot be deemed illegal as there is no government principle or guideline for doing this business.
Bajus spokesperson Dewan Aminul Islam made the claims while addressing a press conference organised at Jatiya Press Club here to demand that gold traders across the country not be harassed prior to composing a state of the art ‘Gold Principle’.
He also read out a 10-point demand and warned that the gold traders will be forced to announce tougher programmes if the authorities do not meet those.
Dewan Aminul Islam posed a question, why the authorities give permission to gold traders after conducting investigation through municipality, city corporation and deputy commissioners if it is illegal?
According to Bajus, there are around 17,000 registered jewellery organisations in the country and more than 28 lakh (2.8 million) people rely on this business.
Responding to questions, Bajus general secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwala said no gold has been imported since the independence of the country. “We always knew the gold we buy from poddars of Tantibazar is legal. This is how we have been doing business for a long time. Suddenly you cannot term the whole enterprise illegal.”
We hope the government will compose a guideline for the gold traders like other businesses, he added.
Meanwhile, the Bajus leaders said they would take stern action against the owner of Apan Jewellers if they found him doing business using illegally procured gold.
Bajus president Ganga Charan Malakar, senior vice-president M A Hannan Azad, vice-presidents Enamul Haq Khan Dolon and Ranjit Ghosh, former vice-president Badal Chandra Roy and treasurer Babu Pabitra Chandra Ghosh were, among others, also present at the press meet. – UNB


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