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Traditional Kali Puja at Kashtha Kali Mondir in Gaibandha


A month long traditional Kali Puja for the Hindu devotees is going on at Kastha Kali Temple premises at Bharatkhali area under Saghata Upazila in the district from Pahela Baishakh, first day of Bangla New Year-1422.Like the previous years, the temple committee men are cordially assisting the Hindu devotees coming from far flung areas of the country and also from India and Nepal to perform their ritual works at the temple smoothly.
According to myth of the Hindus it was learnt that about 200 years ago a local man found a wooden log floating in the nearby Jamuna River and took away it at his home to use it as fuel.When he started to chop the log with a sharp axe, blood was coming out from the log that feared him and also created a panicky situation to the locals.At dead of night of the day, local land lord (Jamidar) Ramni Kanta Roy dreamt and in the dream he was asked to keep the wooden log in a safe place for puja.As per the dream, the Jamidar, with the wood, constructed a Devi Kali Idol that was kept upon a stone at a straw house at Bharatkhalighat for doing ritual works.After spreading the arrival news of the Kali Devi, the Hindu devotees crowded the ghat and started to perform their ritual works in honour of the Devi through giving her gift items like milk and banana.Since then, the Hindu devotees had been visiting the Bharatkhalighat seeking the blessing of the Devi and continued their ritual works for the satisfaction of the Devi.
Every Saturday and Tuesday, the Hindu devotees sacrificed the male goats in the temple in honour of the Devi.
A month long fair has also been arranged on the premises of the temple for the visitors so that they could buy different commodities, handicrafts, earthen pots and sweets from the fair.To help the devotees perform their ritual works smoothly, the Jamidar built a concrete temple there and donated over 7 acres of land to the temple.
To ensure the accommodation facilities for the visitors the committee had also built a dormitory where at least 50 devotees could pass their night easily.Ranjit Kumar Chanda, president of the temple committee, said this Kastha Kalir Mondir is very well known to the Hindu community as Jagrata Kali Mondir.Every year, thousands of Hindu devotees come to the temple from far flung areas of the country and also from India and Nepal and pass their nights through performing ritual works in a bid to satisfy the Devi.Meanwhile, many of the Hindu pilgrims had already visited the temple and performed their ritual works as per faith, he concluded. -BSS, Gaibandha


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