Traffic chaos dilute the enthusiasm of Eid-goers

Traffic chaos dilute the enthusiasm of Eid-goers


A photo posted in the Facebook on Saturday depected the desperateness of people to make their trips to village homes during the last th4ree days and celebrate the holy Eid-ul-Fitr with their parents and relatives.

Eid rush Kirtonkhola A - 2 set off from Dhaka

Eid rush Kirtonkhola A – 2 set off from Dhaka

The holy Eid-ul-Fitr, the greatest religious festival of Muslims will be celebrated in Bangladesh Monday or the day after depending on the sighting of the Shawal Moon. The celebration is coming after a month of fasting of practicing self-restraint. Muslims attach great value to the month of Ramadan that has almost drawn to a close, because they know it is in this month that the Holy Quran, the divine religious book,was revealed to the Earth through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Then again Lailatul Qadr, which is considered holiest night of the year, is in this month.
It’s a festival time all over the country. Muslims irrespective of their economic status will have special feasts and do something to celebrate the day, visit relatives, neighbors and friends, and dine together. Eid-ul-Fitr is preceded by the biggest shopping season of the year in Bangladesh as most families buy new clothes and footwear for their members, gifts for relatives and neighbors.
As people made trips to their village homes they faced the same familiar scenes of tailbacks on roads and highways. What should have been a pleasure trip home for a break from the monotonous routine life in the metropolis has once again turned into a nightmare.
According to one estimate about seventy lakh (seven million) people made trips home to celebrate the Eid. Reports coming from different districts made it clear that there was hardly any highway that did not face severe traffic congestion on Thursday and Friday. Tailbacks still remained on Mymensingh and Tangail highways though then situation relatively improved on Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. The queues of motor vehicles to the Paturia IWTA terminal were very long on the day
The eid cements the universal equality and brotherhood of man as preached in Islam. All irrespective of differences of color, family background or economic status fall in the same lines in eid congregations. All pray together.
Sadly, this year’s eid has been preceded by the deadly landslides in Chittagong and three hill districts claiming about 170 human lives. Muslim devotees fasted all through the month of Ramadan for festivities of ending the fast for self-restraint, self-purification and self-enrichment to the satisfaction of the Creator. The Ramadan has taught self-restraint not only to refrain from having regular meals during day hours but also from all that is bad or not good not only to oneself but also to one’s family members, relatives friends and neighbors. The celebration of the eid can be meaningful if the teaching of restraint, unity, equality and brotherhood of man has bearing on acts and deeds of people also in the rest of the year. – Staff Reporter


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