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Transgender at high risk of HIV/AIDS


Speakers at a discussion meeting said the transgender are at high risk of getting infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) as they are ignorant of it.Speakers said they should be informed about the highly contagious disease Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) with care and sympathy.
They further added that they should be brought into the main stream of the society on humanitarian ground as they are also a part of our society.Praising the government initiative for their development, speakers said they have been recognized as third gender by the government and have also been provided with the right of voting in the elections.Light House, a non-government organization arranged the discussion meeting on Saturday at its drop-in-centre (DIC) at Arambag in the town under its ‘Expanding HIV Prevention in Bangladesh’ project funded by international donor organization Global Fund.Councilor of Chapainawabganj municipality Sharifa Khatun Baby was present as chief guest. Sanitary Inspector of the Municipality Zahiruddin was present as special guest, manager of the DIC Akramullah and councilor of the DIC Runa Parvin Dalia spoke on the occasion.It was disclosed in the meeting that a total of 433 people were infected by HIV and 91 people died of AIDS in the country in 2014. According to the UNAID, there are about 12,000 HIV positive people in Bangladesh and 3.5 crore in the world.- BSS, Chapainawabganj


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