Trinamool Congress MP levelled as B'desh Jamat frontman

Trinamool Congress MP levelled as B’desh Jamat frontman


The CPI (M) Central Committee member and former Housing Minister of the State, Gautam Deb has alleged that Rajya Sabha MP of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), Ahmed Hassan Imran, is a “frontman” for Jamat-e-Islami, Bangladesh (JIB).
At a press conference in the CPI (M)’s district office in North 24 Paraganas, Mr Deb said that Mr. Imran maintained “close association” with many top-ranking JIB leaders.
In fact, while talking to The Hindu, a similar allegation was made against many TMC leaders by BJP candidate in Basirhat, Sameek Bhattacharya, on Saturday. Rejecting the allegation, Mr. Imran said that he might consider “legal action” against Mr. Deb if his allegation was not established.
Mr. Deb quoted from a secret report to highlight several allegations floating in various newspapers and websites.
Underscoring that the TMC MP was the past president of banned student’s outfit, Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), Mr. Deb said Mr. Imran “developed close association” with important JIB leaders of Bangladesh.
“These leaders are Motiur Rehman Nizami (present chief of JIB, charged with war crimes by the War Crimes Tribunal), Delwar Hossain Sayeedi (deputy head of JIB, sentenced to death by the tribunal), Mir Kasem Ali (JIB associate) and others,” said Mr Deb.
He also alleged that Mr. Imran had “appropriated” funds of Islamic Bank in Jeddah while working as the Indian counsellor of the bank.
“Moreover, he (Mr. Imran) got a loan of Rs. 66.10 crore from Saradha Printing and Publication Pvt Ltd (the publishing arm of the controversial Saradha Group), which was raised from hapless investors and in turn he (Mr. Imran) gave a loan to many, including a journalist,” said Mr Deb, quoting from the balance sheet of the company.
Mr. Imran has also worked as a correspondent of a “pro-JIB newspaper of Bangladesh in West Bengal” and Radio Tehran’s Bengali outlet’s news gatherer, besides running his own newspaper, ‘Kolam’, Mr Deb said.
“Why was it so important (for the TMC) to make such a person an MP is a big question,” said Mr Deb.
But Mr. Imran denied all the allegations. “I have been running a newspaper and am in public life for the last 33 years. Out of these 33 years, the CPI (M) was in power for the last 30 years and Mr. Deb was the Minister for most part of it. If I am like what he is claiming now, why did he or his party not take any action against me is my question…he is quoting from some newspaper reports which have no merits,” countered Mr. Imran.
“He will have to produce evidence for what he is saying or else I will take proper legal action against him after the election,” said Mr Imran
Optimistic on polls: Regarding Monday’s election Mr Deb sounded optimistic. “In North 24 Paragans, the Left Front and its cadres were not allowed to participate in the panchayat elections. We did badly in areas where we were not allowed to stay put and supervise the election. I hope it will not be repeated and we will do better,” Mr. Deb said.
The CPI (M) party leaders in North 24 Paraganas, which has five seats and one of the most populated districts of India, also said that the party workers would not leave the polling stations, even if they are thrown out of the area by the cadres of ruling party. – The Hundu via Google


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