Turkish Airlines offer fans a flight into the World of Batman v Superman

Turkish Airlines offer fans a flight into the World of Batman v Superman


Turkish Airlines on Thursday announced its partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures on the highly
anticipated action adventure film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the movie, a pivotal scene
unfolds aboard a 777 Turkish Airlines plane. Outside the movie, Turkish Airlines is unveiling
innovative movie-themed experiences that give fans around the world an inside look into the world of
the iconic Super Heroes facing off for the first time on the big screen when the film comes to cinemas
worldwide beginning March 25, 2016.

M. Ilker Ayci, Turkish Airlines’ Board Chairman, said, “We?re extremely excited to partner
with Warner Bros. Pictures on the most anticipated movie of the year. The excitment around Batman
v Superman: Dawn of Justice will enable Turkish Airlines to showcase our global network and
unrivaled hospitality to a legion of moviegoers across the world.”
Gene Garlock, Warner Bros. Pictures? Executive Vice President said, we re delighted to be
partnering with Turkish Airlines to take Batman and Superman into the skies and to fans everywhere.
Drawing inspiration from the film, Turkish Airlines has created an array of experiences,
beginning with an invitation for travelers to “book” flights to two new U.S. destinations – Gotham
City and Metropolis. Turkish Airlines currently flies to 113 countries, more than any other airline,
with flights to 284 destinations – now including the home cities of Batman and Superman.
M. Ilker Ayct also said “Showcasing Gotham City and Metropolis as our newest U.S.
„destinations? reinforces our commitment to grow Turkish Airlines? visibility in the U.S., an important
and growing market for the airline”.
Beginning February 8th through Mid March 2016, Turkish Airlines is inviting fans and
newcomers alike to visit turkishairlines.com/flytogotham or turkishairlines.com/flytometropolis to
reserve flights and begin their journey into the world of Gotham City and Metropolis. In doing so,
participants will get an exclusive virtual view into the life of each city, including the activities, culture,
nightlife and more.
With the Gotham City and Metropolis virtual experience as the centerpiece of its partnership with
Warner Bros., Turkish Airlines is also sponsoring the movie?s premieres and will offer eight
lucky fans the opportunity to attend one of these gala events.


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