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UN, please act urgently on Myanmar!


Perhaps the Myanmar army and their collaborators have committed and still committing the most heinous crime against humanity. Their brutality has crossed all the limits. They are mercilessly torturing and killing innocent and ordinary Rohingya Muslims and setting fires to the Muslims’ houses and looting their belongings which include poor people’s means of livelihood-the goats and cattle.Even the animals would get ashamed to witness the barbaric acts of the Myanmar soldiers who even after murdering Muslims tearing their bodies into pieces with sharp weapons….What a ghastly act!
If we look at the videos released by the international and social media, it would be evident that the people who are being subjected to brutal killing are just ordinary and working innocent Muslims!
Bangladesh is doing her best to help the Rohingya refugees who have illegally entered our country just to save their lives from the brutality of nazi Myanmar forces. The Muslim and other Nations have already condemned the evil acts of Myanmar and have been creating pressure on Myanmar to stop genocide in that country.
I together with the international community would fervently call upon the United Nations to take stern action on Myanmar. And I strongly feel that the United Nations should immediately send ‘peace-keeping forces’ to Myanmar to restore peace in the Muslim areas and to protect innocent people including Hindus.
Yours etc.
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


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