UNESCO – Help save the Sundarbans

UNESCO – Help save the Sundarbans


Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, provides protection to millions of Bangladeshis against devastating cyclones, but the massive Rampal coal plant is now threatening its delicate ecology.Major spills have happened before and the next accident is right around the corner.

Yet, the Bangladesh government is relentlessly pursuing major industrial projects like the coal plant that will generate enormous volumes of toxic waste and leave the forest waterways vulnerable to future hazardous spills.UNESCO is concerned about the World Heritage site, and if enough of us raise our voices now, we can persuade them toofficially declare the Sundarbans as a “World Heritage in Danger” and get the Bangladesh government to protect the forest.Let’s send a deafening call to the chair of UNESCO’s key committee to save this global treasure! Sign now and tell your friends.


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