Vitrified embryo's lambs born in BD: Target top quality breed

Vitrified embryo’s lambs born in BD: Target top quality breed


Mymensingh, Bangladesh May 5- The researchers of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) have succeed in establishing vitrified embryo’s lamb born in Bangladesh. Researchers at the university said, it is first in BD in forming a suitable technique for vitrification of ovum, fertilization of vitrified ovum, vitrification of embryos and transfer of produced embryos to the surrogates.The researchers started their vitrification of embryos by a HEQEP Sub-project entitled “Strengthening post-graduate research on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) for improved economic traits of ruminant’’ at research animal farm of BAU.
Sub-project Manager Professor Dr. Nasrin Sultana Juyena stated that livestock has been an important component of the mixed farming system practiced in Bangladesh for centuries. Farmers keep a significant number of animals but those are not ideally productive due to poor genetic merits, poor nutrition and management.
Rearing of ruminants at the moment is unable to ensure food security and a better living standard to farmers. To increase the body size and to increase the milk and meat production, it is necessary to breed the top quality male with top quality female. Through natural breeding it will be a long term process to get the higher number of high quality offspring. Through Assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) such as in vivo embryo production, vitrification and transfer,
it could be possible to produce 20-25 embryos per year and to speed up the process of genetic improvement of economic traits.
Deputy Sub-project Manager Professor Dr. Farida Yeasmin Bari has said that the ultimate goal of this sub-project is to establish an animal’s germ plasm bank in the Research Animal Farm of the Department of Surgery and Obstetrics, BAU, Mymensingh.
The PhD fellow Mr. Rafiqul Islam Talukder has transferred 22 vitrified embryos in 11 indigenous lambs, among which 7 lambs are pregnant. First time in Bangladesh this subproject got two lambs, named BAUVE Asha (female lamb) and BAUVE Utsha (male lamb) produced from vitrified embryos on 2 May. – BAU Correspondent, GreenWatch Dhaka


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