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Washington lauds Dhaka-Delhi partnership


Dhaka – The United States has appreciated the partnership between Bangladesh and India and sees greater cooperation on investment and faster movement of goods, services and people, UNB news agency reported.“Through its ‘Act East’ policy, India is improving relations with its neighbours and overcoming longstanding disagreements,” said US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal.
She said Bangladesh has been a willing partner, and together with India has peacefully resolved age-old land and maritime border disputes.
These, Biswal said, will allow for greater investment and the freer, faster and cheaper movement of goods, services and people.
She said Myanmar’s democratic transition has created new opportunities for investment, and it is working with Bangladesh and India to open up trade corridors into Southeast Asia.
Biswal made the observation in her recent speech at Indian Ocean Conference 2016 held in Singapore. US Department of State released the text of her speech on Indo-Pacific regional connectivity, commerce, and cooperation on Tuesday night.
On energy alone, she said, there is tremendous potential for expanded trade within South Asia.
“One example is the 500 megawatt energy link between India and Bangladesh; the US conducted the initial feasibility study that showed the viability of the line, and it’s now being expanded to 1000 megawatts,” Biswal mentioned.
She said they will continue to strengthen and expand their work to promote regional connectivity in the Indo-Pacific, and as they believe that it can create fair, broad, and sustainable growth, underpinning the region’s prosperity, security and stability.
Biswal said the United States has an unwavering commitment to this region’s success because, in the words of President Obama, “in an interconnected world, we all rise and fall together.”


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