We'll embrace martyrdom for our demands: Hefazat

We’ll embrace martyrdom for our demands: Hefazat


Hefajat-e-Islam Bangladesh ameer Allama Ahmed Shafi on Tuesday said they would embrace martyrdom if their 13-point demand is not implemented.“The government must accept the Hefajat’s 13-point demand as those are not contradictory to the country’s existing laws,” he said while addressing a Shan-e-Risalat rally at the central Eidgah maidan.
Allama Shafi said atheists have to be driven out of the country as they hit the hearts of Muslims across the world by defiling Allah and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). “Atheists have no right to stay on the soil of Allah.”
Observing that they established Hefajat-e-Islam to safeguard Iman and Islam, he said they would continue their movement until their demands are met.
The Hefajat ameer also said they would observe their Dhaka Siege programme on May 5 peacefully. “There’ll be no anarchy.”
About government communications with Hefajat, he said the government through different channels asked them to stop their movement.
In reply, they asked the government to make an announcement about implementation of their demands, Allama Shafi said, adding, “We don’t want to be cheated. We’re not dumb…. we understand your policy. There’ll be no talks before the announcement of implementation of the 13-point demand.”
Hefajat leaders Nur Hossain Kashemi, Mufti Ijharul Islam and Junayed Babunagri, among others, addressed the rally held with Northern Region Qaumi Madrasah Board chairman Mufti Abdur Rahman in the chair. UNB

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