Whether they allow others in politics of the country: BNP asks to Govt.

Whether they allow others in politics of the country: BNP asks to Govt.


BNP yesterday asked the government whether it would allow others to be in politics in the country.
“We want to know categoricaly from the government if they want to other to do politics in the country or not,” said BNP standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan while addressing a press conference at party headquarters at Naya Paltan.

He strongly protested the filing of a case against BNP leaders and activists including standing committee member Tariqul Islam.

He termed the case against Tariqul Islam as a fabricated and fictisuos one.

“The government is detaining BNP leaders and activists by implicating them in false cases to obstruct the ongoing reorganization of the party,” he alleged.

The BNP leader said the Prime Minister’s statement accusing opposition parties of their involvement in killing of two foreigners is nothing but to divert public attention from the real incident.

“The way the Prime Minister has accused our party and leaders shows that there is no need to have any investigative agency or court in the ocuntry. Now, they will determine the accused and mete them punishement,” he said.

He called upon the government to find out the parpatrators through carrying out proper investigation into the killing of two foreigners.

He alleged that the country is passing thorugh a farcical phase in the name of democracy.

Referring to the arrest of BNP leaders and activists in Bhola during the reorganisaiton process of the party he said it appears that the governemen thas taken a policy to close the party activities

He also mentioned that many of the party leraders and acvisits in Bhola and Sandwipo were sent to jail while they appread before the court to seek bails.

The BNP leader said Prime Minister’s party that had earlier enacted law prohibiting others to do politics was being honest in this regard laws.

“Now, the present government is not saying it publicly or enacting laws but in reality it is not allowing others to do politics. It is unjust and and immoral,” he said.

He called upon the government not to create obstacles in carrying out democratic activities.

Khan regretted that a senior leader like Tariqul Islam suffering from cardiac and kidney problems was denied passport although he was in urgent need of going abroad for treatment.

He also alleged that the government has bene hatching conspiracy to kill the veteran leader.

He demanded the release of detained party leaders including standing committee member Dr KHandaker Mosharraf Hossain and MK Anwar.

Standing committee member Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, Mohammad Shajahan and Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon, among others, were present on the occasion.


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