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Women4Climate Conference in NYC March 15


New York City — On January 21, millions of women marched in solidarity on every continent around the globe to protect basic human rights. But when it comes to local government, women haven’t just broken through the glass ceiling – they’ve smashed it.In just two years, the number of C40 member cities with women mayors has skyrocketed from 4 to 16. More women than ever are running for office and getting involved in politics. These women are mayors in Paris, Washington, D.C., Sydney, Tokyo, Cape Town or Madrid. Especially when it comes to climate change, they take bold action because the future of their citizens depends on it.
On March 15, the Women4Climate conference will provide a critical platform for a unique cross-section of powerful women to advance a shared agenda that spans education, innovation, and economic equality and will highlight the critical role of women and women leaders in the fight against climate change and air pollution.
Headlined by C40 Chair and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the event will feature women mayors from the world’s largest and most influential cities; business leaders; prominent NGO leaders; and up-and-coming change-makers who represent the next generation of women leaders.
The half-day conference will mark the first event of the Women4Climate initiative, a priority work stream for Mayor Hidalgo, since she became the first woman leading C40, an organization of the 90 most important cities in the world, representing 650+ millions of citizens and 25% of global GDP.
Agenda Overview
Opening Remarks
Women4Future: A discussion on why women’s leadership will make the difference in the fight against climate change.
Women4Innovation: A Ted Talk style presentation from a young climate change leader and entrepreneur and a moderated panel on how tomorrow’s young climate leaders will ensure the success of the Paris Agreement.
Women4Change: A moderated panel session on how more women leaders and gender equality in the work force will drive change.
Women4Action: A conversation on using education to empower women to lead the way towards sustainable societies.
Closing remarks, press conference and call to action. – Source: Press release


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