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Youths harbour negative impression about politics: TIB study


As the trust of youths in public service is fairly low, the country’s youths show highly negative impression about the level of integrity in politics, according to a new TIB study.
It reveals that about 86 percent of youth have negative impression about the level of integrity in politics, followed by law enforcing agencies (66 percent), land administration (65 percent) and judicial services (57 percent).In contrast, about 86 percent of youths have positive impression about the level of integrity in private business sector, followed by private education (81 percent) and government education (80 percent).
The findings of the study, ‘National Youth Integrity Survey 2015’, were revealed at a press conference of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) office in the capital on Tuesday.
TIB programme managers (Research and Policy) Manzoor-E-Khoda and Shammi Laila Islam jointly presented the study findings at the press conference.
The study was carried out on a sample size of 3,656 respondents (age 15-30) with 58 percent of rural and 42 percent of urban youths in 31 districts of the country. The main objective of this survey was to assess the views and opinions of youth on integrity and corruption, especially concerning their values, ethical standards and overall attitude towards various hypothetical life situations.
The analysis of survey data indicates that Bangladeshi youths usually adhere to a highly moralistic concept of integrity.
Around 98 percent of surveyed youth ascertain “lack of integrity” as an enormous problem and detrimental to country’s economic and overall development. Besides, 92 percent of them think that being honest is more important than being rich.
About 68 percent respondents said honest people have a greater possibility to succeed in life than a dishonest people, whereas 32 percent of them found positive correlation in between corruption and success.
In spite of having a strong moral perception of integrity, a significant portion of surveyed youths admitted that they would like to participate in corrupt acts for their personal gain.
The study shows that majority (82 percent) of youth believe that they can play an important role in integrity-building and the fight against corruption through advocacy and changing attitudes. Besides, about 80 percent of youths surveyed would like to blow the whistle on corruption.
The survey findings also indicate that family and friends mostly influenced youths in building their views, concept and perception on integrity.
The study recommended developing an effective implementation strategy for promotion and practice of integrity among youth and including the role of youth in establishing integrity and preventing corruption in the National Integrity Strategy.
It also suggested effectively implementation of the existing integrity and anti-corruption related sections in the curriculum, stopping the culture of impunity, and initiating coordinated programmes and massive awareness campaigns involving all stakeholders to encourage and motivate youth towards integrity.
TIB Trustee Board Chairperson Sultana Kamal and TIB Executive Director Dr Iftekharuzzaman also spoke on the occasion.- UNB


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