Zia's brother in trap finally to form political party

Zia’s brother in trap finally to form political party


Dhaka – BNP founder and late president Ziaur Rahman’s younger brother Ahmed Kamal said Saturday he would form new political party. But he did not announce any possible time of formation of the party.
He came with the announcement while answering questions to the reporters after attending a discussion meeting entitled ‘The ideals of Shahid Zia and restoration of endangered democracy’ at the Institution of Diploma Engineers in the capital.

In a question whether he would join politics Kamal said: “I have come here with the plan to form political party. I will call you when join politics, he to the journalists.”
In a written statement, he said: “I can not remain silent after seeing BNP’s current fragile situation. It hurts me when I see the gaps between my brother’s ideals and BNP’s political activities.”
“This is not right to create debates over the number of martyrs in the country’s Liberation War. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Shaheed Zia must be kept beyond controversy. All parties of the country must come out of the dirty politics,” he said.
BNP and its chairperson are led to wrong path by a vested quarter and anti-liberation force. They want to keep the chairperson in dark by giving her wrong advice and information. For this reasons senior and grass-roots leaders who believe in the ideals of Ziaur Rahman are paying for the conspiracy of the quarter and anti-liberation force.
Many of the activists of BNP are living nomadic life shouldering false cases. They are hiding themselvs in fear of arrests, killings and forced disappearances. We must stand by these devoted people and revive their spirit by mitigating their frustration.
Criticising the government he said Awami League government speaks of democracy but there is no trace of democracy in the country. The rights for freedom of speech of the opposition party have been taken away by the government. – Staff Reporter


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