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‘5 days of grill’ at Amari Dhaka
5 Days of Grill at Deck 41

‘5 days of grill’ at Amari Dhaka

Dhaka, April 2019 – Prepare your taste buds for different delicious regional cuisines every weekday. Amari Dhaka’s Deck 41 is an enthralling roof-top restaurant offering an eclectic array of delectable bites along with chilled invigorating mocktails surrounded by dreamy panoramic city views. ‘5 Days of Grill at Deck 41’ is a trend-setting offering which presents delicious grills and sizzlers from Sunday till Thursday presenting different themes every day.
It starts from Sunday with Thai Grill Sundays where the highlight is Thai Barbecue Mixed Grill platter featuring Thai-styled grill chicken, shrimp and lamb with other a la carte options available. The Shwarma Monday follows showcasing Mixed Shwarma platter featuring generous quantities of succulent chicken and lamb shwarmas along with other selections.
Next is the Sizzler Tuesday which brings a delicious range of a la carte skewers of prawn, lamb, chicken and vegetables with a sizzler combo platter option as well. The Wednesday is Turkish Kebab night which spotlights a delicious Turkey Mixed Kebab platter alongside options of chicken, lamb and turkey kebab. Last but not least, Seafood Grill Thursdays offers a culinary gem – the Seafood Mixed grilled platter. The delectable platter is available alongside delicious a la carte orders such as grilled fish, grilled prawn and squid.
The delicious ‘5 Days of Grill’ is available every weekday at Deck 41 with prices starting from BDT 2200++ for platters. – Press release