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Film Artistes Association election concludes at BFDC

Art & craft 2022-01-28, 7:27pm


Bangladesh Film Artistes Association election was held on Friday at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) premises.

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Voting in the much-hyped 17th Bangladesh Film Artistes Association election was held on Friday at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) premises. 

Starting at 9 am the voting in the biennale election were conducted under the strict security of police and Rab, along with added safety protocols due to the ongoing surge of COVID-19.

A total of 428 voters cast their votes to elect their desired candidates from the two competing panels of Ilias Kanchan-Nipun and Misha Sawdagor-Zayed Khan, while actors Don and Harbola participated as independent candidates. 184 artists were excluded from voting in this year’s election.

Although the number of voters was poor since the election began in the morning, festive vibes at the FDC premise were seen with the arrival of the stars as the day progressed. Despite the various inconsistencies and allegations, many candidates said they were satisfied with the election.

Immediate-past president of the association and this year's presidential candidate Misha Sawdagor said, "I am satisfied with the management of the election. At the end of the day, we are artists. Whatever the panel is and whoever wins, we are all ourselves. Competing with Ilias Kanchan Bhai is something that I consider a big achievement for myself.”

Eminent actor Ilias Kanchan, the other presidential candidate, said, "As Misha Sawdagor rightfully said, our identity is that we are artists. There is no room for any adversity among us. Whoever gets elected, we will move the association forward by cooperating with each other. Even if I win, I will be looking forward to Misha’s advice.”

Regarding the election, popular silver-screen actress Apu Biswas said, “After a long time, it feels really good to see such a reunion of our artists. I feel very good after entering FDC today. The election is being held very peacefully. Whoever wins, I hope they take the lead properly and work for the betterment of the artists."

Although the election was peaceful, General Secretary candidate Nipun Akhter lodged a complaint against Zayed Khan, Immediate-past General Secretary and the running candidate for the position from the Misha-Zayed panel. "We have been hearing that Zayed Khan is bribing the voters with money by standing a little away from the entrance of FDC. I have repeatedly complained to the Election Commission, as it is forbidden to stand in that place and ask for votes,” Nipun told reporters.

Zayed Khan, however, denied the allegations brought against him, saying "The reason behind Nipun’s ridiculous allegations is unknown to me. There is CCTV everywhere and I don’t need to bribe anyone, we have worked for the association properly during our last two-years tenure."

Thespian Pirzada Shahidul Harun is acting as the Chief Election Commissioner for this year’s election. He is accompanied by Zahid Hossain and BH Nishan as the other EC members.

The vote counting was continuing till 8 pm when this report was filed.