Thursday , April 2 2020
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Bangladesh eyes bumper production of stress tolerant paddies

Bangladesh eyes bumper production of stress tolerant paddies

Bangladesh eyes a bumper production of the flood, drought-and saline-tolerant paddies in different stress-prone regions after expanded and successful cultivation of the paddy varieties during this Aman season.
The country has achieved tremendous success in stress tolerant paddy cultivation in recent years and farmers are expected to produce 13.05
lakh tonnes of these paddies from 2.84 lakh hectares land in all 64 districts this season.According to the concerned officials and experts, flood, drought-and saline-tolerant variety paddies are being cultivated under the expanding stress tolerant paddy seed multiplication programme to
increase rice production for food security in the country.Sustainable Rice Seed Production and Delivery System in Southern Bangladesh and Cereal Systems Initiative in South Asia (SRSPDS-CSISA-BD) projects are implementing the programme under Stress Tolerant Rice for Poor Farmers in Africa and South Asia (STRASA)Project. The USAID and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) are extending necessary assistances through International Rice Research Institute(IRRI) for countrywide cultivation of these paddies through seed multiplication. Senior Specialist-Agricultural Development of SRSPDS-IRRI Project Saidul Islam said 2,300 tonnes of different stress tolerant paddy seeds were distributed this season among 7,66,900 farmers in the
country’s stress prone areas.Under the programme, 876.8 tonnes seeds of saline tolerant BRRI dhan53 and BRRI dhan54 paddies were distributed in the saline prone southern districts during this Aman season.Besides, 1,359.3 tonnes seeds of flood tolerant BRRI dhan51, BRRI dhan52, BINA 11, and BINA 12, drought tolerant BRRI dhan56 and BRRI dhan57 paddies were distributed in the flood, and drought-prone districts.In addition, 64.7 tonnes seeds of moderately flood, saline-and drought-saline tolerant paddies were distributed among the farmers and they have cultivated all these stress tolerant variety paddies in over 92,000 hectares land this season. -BSS, Rangpur