Monday , April 6 2020
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BURGER KING TM receives A+ from BFSA

BURGER KING TM receives A+ from BFSA

BURGER KING TM, the famous US fast food chain, has been awarded A+ Green Grade Certificate by BFSA from Bangladesh Food Minister based on the compliance they maintained so far inspecting all their 7 outlets. Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA), under the ministry of food, rated the outlets after inspecting overall food safety and hygienic conditions.
18 restaurants were awarded green stickers and blue stickers were awarded to 39 restaurants. The colored stickers—green, blue, yellow, and orange—symbolize the grades A+, A, B, and C respectively.
The green sticker stands for ‘excellent’ and is only awarded to restaurants that score 90 points or above.
“We always make sure that we serve quality foods to our customers. Our hard work finally got official recognition as BURGER KING TM is awarded the A+ Green Grade Certificate as for providing better service and quality food to the food enthusiast.” said Mushroof Ahmed, General Manager, Tiffin Box Limited.
BURGER KING TM brand entered the Bangladesh market through a long-term franchise agreement to launch and expand the brand with Tiffin Box Limited, a Bangla Trac group company. The BURGER KING TM brand is looking forward to delivering exceptional food and an extraordinary guest experience as it continues to open restaurants across the country.
About BURGER KING TM The American fast food burger chain was founded in 1954. The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER ®, the BURGER KING TM restaurant system operates more than 16,000 locations in more than 100 countries and U.S. territories. Almost 100 percent of BURGER KING TM restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees, many of them family-owned operations that have been in business for decades. The BURGER KING TM brand is owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc. (TSX,NYSE:QSR), one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant companies with more than $29 billion in system sales and over 23,000 restaurants.