Thursday , April 2 2020
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Sharp fall in its remittance inflow feared due to Copid-19

Amid slump in export earnings, experts say another big shock lies ahead for Bangladesh economy as its remittance inflow, the life line for many rural families, is likely to shrink significantly in the coming months as a coronavirus fallout. They said almost all the destinations of Bangladeshi migrant workers from where they send money back home are grappling with coronavirus ... Read More »

27th span of Padma Bridge visible

The 27th span of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge was installed at Zazira point in Shariatpur today, making 4.05 km out of the total 6.15 km bridge visible. “The 27th span of the bridge was installed on the pillar number 27 and 28 at Zazira point around 9.20am,” said deputy assistant engineer of the bridge project Humayun Kabir told journalists Read More »

Fighting coronavirus: It’s time to invest in universal public health

By Isabel Ortiz and Thomas Stubbs NEW YORK and LONDON, Mar 23 2020 (IPS) – Austerity policies pushed by international financial institutions have weakened public health systems, despite current financial support packages, condemning many people to die. As health systems of East Asia, Europe, and the Americas buckle under the strain of coronavirus, developing countries are expecting an even higher ... Read More »

Salman hints reducing tax rate in next national budget

DHAKA – Prime Minister’s Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman Fazlur Rahman today hinted reducing the tax rate in the next national budget for 2020-2021 for expanding the trade and business across the country. “The government is thinking to expand tax net instead of increasing the tax rate. Side by side, the government is likely to reduce tax rate in ... Read More »

Dhaka nods Tk 17,777-cr Matarbari Deep Sea Port Dev Project

It okays a total of nine projects Dhaka, March 11 – The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) on Tuesday cleared nine projects with an estimated total cost of Tk 24,113.27 crore, including Tk 17,777-crore Matarbari Port Development Project taken to enhance the country’s cargo handling capacity through the port. Read More »

How World Bank arbitrators mugged Pakistan

By Jeffrey D. Sachs Thanks to the World Bank’s flawed and corrupt investment arbitration process, the rich are making a fortune at the expense of poor countries. The latest shakedown is a $5.9 billion award against Pakistan’s government in favor of two global mining companies for an illegal project that was never approved or carried out. Read More »

Bangladesh’s Brac world’s number 1 NGO for fifth year

Brac has been ranked the world’s number one non-governmental organisation (NGO) of 2020 by NGO Advisor, an independent Geneva-based media organisation. Brac, a leading development organisation based in Bangladesh, retained its top spot in part due to its robust leadership and governance structure and continued commitment to systemic change. “We are deeply grateful and humbled to receive this accolade. 2020 ... Read More »

Fragility, conflict could stop the world from ending poverty

By 2030, up to two-thirds of the world’s extreme poor will live in fragile and conflict-affected situations, threatening to reverse development gains. The World Bank Group’s strategy aims to enhance its effectiveness on the ground by scaling up financing, tailoring operations and deepening partnerships to invest in people, secure peace and promote prosperity. Read More »