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I was blamed even though I did nothing wrong: Shakib Khan

GreenWatch Desk Celebrity 2023-03-23, 11:58pm


Dhallywood actor Shakib Khan said that the rape allegation brought against him by producer Rahmat Ullah was nothing but a trap made to humiliate him.

Shakib said this in a press conference at his residence in the capital's Gulshan on Thursday afternoon.

"I have seen that various news media published these types of news without verifying it. If someone introduces him as a producer and he accuses me of raping someone without verifying the news, is it logical to publish it," he asked. 

“But asking the producers’ association would have been great to know whether he is really a producer or not," Shakib said. 

The actor said "I also have a family. When they heard this type of news, I lost the ability to hold my head high while standing in front of them. They were very worried about me. I was wronged even though I did nothing wrong," Shakib explained.

"I have gone to the DB office regarding the complaints and talked to the DB chief. Even I went to the court just because to fight against injustice."

The Dhallywood star also said that everything will be revealed through the investigation, reports UNB.