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Clean your jewelry at home

Clean your jewelry at home

Whether you’re a fan of trendy jewelry or prefer the finerthings in life, all accessory lovers can agree on one thing: Keeping jewelryclean can feel like an uphill battle.
Between air pollution, tarnish and daily wear, jewelry issubjected to plenty of harsh elements, and figuring out the proper way to cleanit can be baffling.Lucky for you, these jewelry experts have seen it all! Andthey’ve got a few tips for making sure your jewelry looks as good as new foryears to come.
How do you clean your own jewelry?
It’s simply not practical to take every piece of jewelry fora professional cleaning every time you notice it’s looking a bit dull. But isit actually safe to clean your jewelry at home? For one thing, keep it simple!
Old standbys like soap and water can work wonders forclearing up minor wear and tear on jewelry, and it’s safe to use on most ofyour favorite pieces. “For both fine jewelry and costume jewelry, you can usesimple household items like warm water, mild dish soap and a soft bristletoothbrush to clean your jewelry, followed by drying the pieces with a softcloth,” Money said.
If your jewelry is pretty dirty, you can leave it to soakfor a bit to really loosen up that dirt. Afterward, make sure you pat it gentlyand lay on a clean, soft cloth to dry completely.
This method will work well for most of your diamond,precious and semi-precious gems (think sapphires) and gold jewelry. Or, Moneysuggests creating your own mild DIY solution of six parts water to one-partammonia and apply it with a soft bristle brush. “Carefully rinse with lukewarmwater and dry with a soft cloth,” she said.

Diamond rings
Wondering how to treat those precious diamond rings? Use amix of DIY treatments and thorough cleanings from professionals. “You cansafely clean your good diamond jewelry using a toothbrush and mild liquid soap.I also find that just putting your diamond pieces in very hot water and lettingthem soak for a minute helps dissolve any built up oils from your skin orlotion,” Berg said.

Pearls and emeralds
Pearl and emerald jewelry, on the other hand, should becleaned with a mild soap and water solution and then allowed to dry. Afterward,wipe your pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Antique jewelry
If you love antique jewelry, tread cautiously when it comesto cleaning and wearing it!
“I recommend special caution when wearing and caring forantique fine jewelry as they can be more delicate than today’s designs,” Moneysaid. “Avoid wearing vintage fine jewelry when engaging in any strenuousactivity, when around any harsh chemicals, or in the shower. Some antique ringscan be cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a soft toothbrush, but some olderpieces should not be submerged in water.”

Silver is gorgeous and sparkles brilliantly, but it also hasa way of blatantly showing all its blemishes. To keep your silver jewelryclean, gently rub the piece with a jewelry-cleaning cloth. Then rinse thesilver thoroughly in warm water and dry it carefully. Dealing with extensivetarnish? Try using liquid silver cleaner or sending it to a jeweler.

White gold
White gold jewelry is typically plated with rhodium toprovide a bright white finish, but daily wear can dull the sparkle over timeand expose the natural, yellow-white tone of metal underneath. “Manypeople continue to wear white gold long after the rhodium plating has worn off,but you also have the option of having your jewelry professionally re-plated toreturn it to its bright white color,” Money said, reports internet.