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Nixon Chy appears in court over poll code violation charges

Special Correspondent Courts 2023-12-02, 12:10am



Faridpur, Dec 01 - An independent lawmaker from the Faridpur-4 constituency, Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury, alias Nixon Chowdhury, appeared in court to provide a written explanation for allegedly violating the electoral code of conduct.

He appeared in person at the Faridpur court at 3pm on Friday at the office of the Chairman of the Election Inquiry Committee and  Joint District and Sessions Judge Mohammad Moin Uddin Chowdhury.

Nixon Chowdhury said, “We are public representatives. I did not invite anyone on the day of submitting my nomination papers. I don't even know where so many people came from. I did not allow more than five people to enter the Returning officer’s room. Supporters of all the important candidates in the district, like me, came to see their leader submit their nominations.”

Regarding the show cause notice, he said, “I will conduct my election campaign by following the rules of the electoral code of conduct. A large number of people gathered in all parts of the country, but only a few, including me, were reprimanded.”

“It is good that other candidates will be more careful now. Everyone, including myself, will abide by the election code of conduct in the future. Since the government is asking for fair elections, we will also instruct our activists and supporters to do the same. The media has written more about me and Shakib, which is why we have received this notice,” Nixon Chowdhury added. 

He was accused of standing in an open-top car with a fleet of more than 250 microbuses and 200 motorcycles on the day of submitting his nomination papers. This caused traffic to come to a standstill in the area and created inconvenience for the public.

On Thursday, Nixon Chowdhury was directed to appear in person at the temporary office of the Chairman of the Election Inquiry Committee of Faridpur 4 and provide a written explanation.

The order stated that he allegedly violated the provisions of section 8(a) and 38(b), 12 of the Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates.-UNB