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Disabled peoples’ orgs rally around Bangladesh Secretariat
Disabled Peoples' Organisations leaders hold rally around BD Secretariat on Tuesday

Disabled peoples’ orgs rally around Bangladesh Secretariat

Dhaka, Oct 01 – 200 disabled persons’ organizational network, National Alliance of Disabled People’s Organizations (NADPO) staged a rally around the Bangladesh Secretariat and moved through roadside from North-East corner of the National Press Club and ended at the same place where disabled leaders demonstrated and distributed leaflets among the people on Tuesday 11 AM. The programme was meant to press the 5-point demands of disabled persons to implement rights-focus programmes. Their demands include access to all facilities, promotion of the development of disabled peoples and their representation in the National Parliament.
The rally was inaugurated by UNESCAP Disability Rights Champion and President of NADPO Abdus Sattar Dulal and led along with him by Senior Vice President Abu Abdullah, Vice President Abdul Khalek, Secretary General Shahidul Islam, Finance Secretary Jashim, Abdul Baset.
The disabled leaders of the movement said their rights are constitutional and as per the disabled persons’ rights and protection law of 2013 their demand is logical. They said according to a report of the WHO and the World Bank 27million of disabled citizens in Bangladesh are directly members of 31 million families of the country.
Bangladesh as a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) is now fully obligated to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of all disabled persons, and to promote respect their inherent dignity, they said.
Mr Dulal himself a user of wheelchair said, for 35 years he is promoting rights of disabled persons with the support of the disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs). In Bangladesh people’s perceptions about their rights are improving, some policies are adopted by the government of Bangladesh but not implemented and many disabled persons are changing their life overcoming unlimited challenge and discrimination. Bangladesh is obligated to implement UNCRPD where DPOs are very important organizations as recognized by CRPD and Law 2013, the disabled leaders said.
To ensure disabled citizens rights and development in the country they mentioned in their 5-point demand – 10% seat reservation in National Parliament for the representatives of disabled persons; DPOs empowerment and implementation of their development programs by allocating of 10% out of the tax amount government is receiving from the disabled people every year; ensure all infrastructures, transports, health, education and public services accessible and appropriate considering with types of disability; and to ensure knowledgeable professionals on disability, disabled persons and development, every university in Bangladesh should open separate department on “disabled persons and development” and NADPO representatives must ensure in the process of formulation of policies, plans and programs on persons with disabilities.
In the Rally around Bangladesh Secretariat, NADPO leaders confirmed that they are continuously sharing their demands with the President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Finance Minister and all other Ministers including all Government’s Authorities of the country plus they submitted a memorandum to honourable Prime Minister. There is no improvement.
All speakers of the rally around Bangladesh Secretariat urged to the government for accepting their 5 (five)-point demand soon, otherwise, they will take a vigorous event in future.
The press release sent by – Md. Shahidul Islam, Secretary-General, NADPO