'Doob' to take part at festivals in London, Munich

‘Doob’ to take part at festivals in London, Munich


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Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s latest film Doob (2017), starring Indian actor Irrfan Khan and Nusrat Imrose Tisha in lead roles, will be screened at London Indian Film Festival on June 24. The venue for the London screening is East London’s Genesis cinema. Tisha and Mostofa Sarwar Farooki both will be present at the screening and join the audience for a Q&A.There will be another screening in Birmingham on June 25 and both Tisha and Farooki will be present in that screening too.
From there, they will travel to Munich to attend Munich international Film Festival where the film will be presented on July 4 as part of the Munich International Film Festival 2018 which will run from June 28 to July 7. This month it was in Seattle International Film Festival’s official selection, said a press release.

Based on a celebrity scandal that shook conservative Bangladesh society, ‘Doob (No Bed of Roses)’ avoids every tabloid ingredient the story potentially holds.

Through the director-protagonist’s divorce and the painful rift it causes to his family, the film ponders the big existential questions of why happiness never lasts and whether loneliness is a preexisting human condition. Directed with an assured and graceful touch that evokes the elegiac tone of a requiem, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki proves he’s a singular voice in Bangladeshi cinema.
The film’s story follows several timelines, but chief among them is the one in which a renowned film director named Javed Hasan (Irrfan Khan, in one of the best performances of his film career) finds himself embroiled in a controversy when a young and upcoming heroine working in his film admits to the media that she has developed a special friendship with him. To make matters worse, the girl in question is Hasan’s own daughter’s best friend.
Hasan tries to protect himself and his family from the resulting avalanche of media attention and national condemnation, but as his family implodes from within, he leaves his wife, daughter and son to find solace and solitude.
In her most Lolita-esque turn, the actress in question sees this as an opportunity to come closer to him, and the plan works. An extremely sensitive and emotional human being by nature, Javed Hasan finds himself drawn to the young girl, and over time, ends up marrying her.
While Hasan’s wife has moved on in life, his daughter has not been able to come to terms with her father’s shocking infidelity, and struggles to find her peace.


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