Friday , July 10 2020
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Fagun Audio Vision wins YouTube’s Gold Creator Award

Fagun Audio Vision wins YouTube’s Gold Creator Award

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Fagun Audio Vision’s YouTube channel has won the coveted Gold Creator Award for crossing one million subscribers. The YouTube channel was launched by the TV media production house of the same name in 2016. Till 2019 Fagun has uploaded just 145 videos, and now the subscriber count is 1.03 million.
Fagun Audio Vision was founded by popular TV writer and producer Hanif Sanket in November 1994. Sanket is most popular for hosting the longest running television show in Bangladesh, Ityadi, which is also produced by Fagun Audio Vision.
Regarding this achievement Sanket told reporters: “Fagun Audio Vision’s programs, especially Ityadi, is very popular among the viewers amongst all the other programs from various channels. Ityadi is just as popular in virtual media, as it is popular among the TV viewers. This Gold Creator Award is a testament to that fact. It also proves that the show is popular among millions of viewers from both home and abroad.
“We believe that this award is a proof of love by the millions of fans of the show. Therefore I dedicate this award to the fans. We have always prioritized the fans. The verdict of the fans is what we consider to be final. They have always given us support, assistance and love, and we believe this will continue in the future as well.”
Hanif Sanket also believes that to increase subscribers a content creator does not need a long time or thousands of content. Regarding this he said: “Content that is acceptable to the viewers, has good quality, and is trustworthy, is all that is needed (to increase subscriber count). The short time needed by Fagun Audio Vision to achieve the Gold Creator Award is proof of that.”
Fagun is the first production house in Bangladesh to make “package” programs- shows that contain elements from every kind of entertainment. The production house has been active since the nineties. And Ityadi has been airing for 29 years and counting.
Fagun also makes annual TV programs marking special occasions. They make two single-episode dramas for each Eid, music programs for Independence Day and Victory Day, and another package program, titled Panchphoron, for ATN Bangla.