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Farmers expect bumper Boro output in Netrakona

Farmers expect bumper Boro output in Netrakona

Boro cultivators and crops specialists are expecting bumper production
of Boro paddy during this season as harvesting of the paddy is
nearing to completion with excellent yield rates in the district.
Netrakona District Agriculture Extension Department (DAED) office
sources said the farmers brought a total of 1,74,420 hectors of land under
the Boro paddy cultivation in ten upazilas of the district exceeding the
yearly Boro cultivation target of the district where a target was fixed for
cultivating on 1,70,655 hectors of land.
The DAED has set a target for producing 6.5 lakh metric tons of  Boro
rice in the district, the sources said.
Meanwhile, the crops specialists and field-level officials of the DAED
are expecting that over seven lakh metric tons of Boro rice would be
produced in the district if the weather condition remained favourable
till ending of the   harvesting period and the growers could complete
harvesting the paddy properly, the sources added.
The farmers have completed harvesting of 95 percent of Boro
paddy and harvesting of the rest of the Boro paddy in the district would
be completed within a week or two, the deputy director of the DAED
Kazi Nurul Islam said.
Referring to the official reports submitted by the crop specialists of
the DAED, the deputy director informed that the yield rate of high
yielding variety (HYV) of Boro rice is being marked at 3.6 or 3.9
metric tons per hector of land, and the yield rate of local variety of
Boro paddy at two metric tons or 2.2 metric tons of Boro rice per
hector and the yield rate of hybrid variety of Boro rice marked at
five metric tons or 5.5 metric tons in most of the areas of the
The farmers could achieve the bumper production of the Boro rice this
season due to favorable weather condition, adequate supply of
necessary agricultural equipment,  including improved quality of Boro
seeds, mixed fertilizers,  irrigational machineries and ensuring
proper electricity supply to the rural areas for keeping the irrigational
machineries operative by the state-run agencies, including BADC , BCIC
and DAED , the deputy director said.
Besides, the state-run commercial banks, including Bangladesh Krishi
Banks, had undertaken special programmes for disbursing agricultural-loans to
make the Boro cultivators capable for making their Boro cultivation
program  successful, the Deputy director added.
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