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Faruk, Mosharraf to reprise as Rony’s thief-brothers in Eid

Faruk, Mosharraf to reprise as Rony’s thief-brothers in Eid

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Redoan Rony, a famous TV drama director, made the drama series ‘Behind the Scene’ on the occasion of Eid in 2011. The serial telecast on NTV and got huge responses from the audiences for its comic content. The leading actors of the serial were Mosharaf Karim and Faruk Ahmed. A sequel of the drama released during Eid in 2014 also got huge popularity. But after that Rony became busy with TVCs and films. Now after half-a-decade, he is willing to make the 2nd sequel of the serial. The new sequel will be named ‘Behind the Puppy’ and will be aired on NTV during the upcoming Eid.
This time Rony has again chosen Mosharaf Karim and Faruk Ahmed for the leading roles. Other casts are- Sumon Patwary, Mukit Zakaria, Aparna Ghosh, Moushumi Hamid, Jui karim, Kazi Asif , Sarika Safa and more. Tasnimul Taz, Al Amin Hasan and Redoan are screenplay writers of the new sequel.
In ‘Behind the Puppy’, Faruk Ahmed acts as a loving elder brother to Mosharaf Karim. They both are thieves and give company to each other while stealing something from different households. One day they notice a pet dog named Puppy in the household of a rich man. They notice a gold locket on the neck of Puppy. Out of greed, they make a plan to kidnap the dog for stealing the costly necklace. Whether they succeed in their daring attempt and what would happen afterwards, will be revealed only in Eid-ul-Azha.
The shooting was done in different locations of Dhaka and Cumilla from August 2 to August 9. Apart from NTV the serial will be telecasted also on Robi and Airtel TV plus.