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Eid-ul-Fitr celebrated across Bangladesh

Festivals 2024-04-11, 4:34pm


Devotees gathered at the National Eidgah at the supreme Court premises on Thusday to say the Eid prayer. UNB

Amidst religious fervor and traditional enthusiasm Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated across Bangladesh on Thursday. Muslims gathered at Eidgahs or mosques to say the prayer in congregation in the morning. In capital Dhaka the main congregation was held 8:30 am at the National Eidgah in the Supreme Court premises.

Following the prayers, munajat was offered seeking divine blessings for peace, prosperity, and the overall well-being of the nation.

People from all walks of life joined in the celebrations, reinforcing the message of harmony and inclusivity that Eid embodies.

Eid prayers were also held at the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque. People from different areas of Dhaka started arriving at the national mosque early in the morning. The first jamaat at the mosque was held at 7 am this morning. A total of five congregations were held at Baitul Mukarram till 10:45 am.

Millions of the capital’s residents have left the city in the last few days to celebrate the occasion with their loved ones.

The day is a closed public holiday along with a three-day vacation. Millions of people went to their rural homes to celebrate the eid with their dear and near ones. Rush of shoppers at shopping arcades and malls was markedly lower than similar festivals in the near past.

The national flag has been hoisted atop government and non-government office buildings. The main city streets and road islands have been decorated.

Television channels and radio stations are airing special programmes on this occasion while newspapers published special suppliments highlighting the significance of the day. 

President Shahabuddin Ahmed hosted an Eid reception at Bangabhaban while Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received cross sections of the people at Ganabhaban, her official residence in the morning.

The Prime Minister also sent flowers, fruits, and sweets to the war-wounded freedom fighters and the families of martyrs residing at the Martyred and War-wounded Freedom Fighters’ Rehabilitation Centre (Muktijoddha Tower-1) on Gaznavi Road, in the Mohammadpur area of the capital.

The gifts were delivered this morning by PM’s Assistant Private Secretary-2 Gazi Hafizur Rahman Liku, Deputy Press Secretary Hasan Jahid Tusher, Assistant Press Secretary ABM Sarwar-e-Alam Sarkar, and Assignment Officer Muhammad Arifuzzman Nurnabi, as a token of the nation's appreciation and good wishes.

Solakia Eidgah in Kishoreganj saw a record congregation of about six lakh devotees, according to reports reaching Dhaka.

Thiis eid is marked by sharing of sharing of zakat money by rich people with the poor in cash or kind as ordained by Islam. The rich have to share 2.5 percent of their income and accumulated wealth with the poor to help flourish the ideal of equality and unity of mankind. In the congregations (mass) there is no difference between man and man poor or rich, black of while, small or big. All are equal in the eye of god and a billionaire stands beside an ordinary man in the masses depending on who comes first.

People visit their relatives and neighbours marking the eid. The festival will formally last three days but its hangover will continue for at least 15 days before which offices and business establishments will not find back their normal chores. – GreenWatch News Desk