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Film ‘Jodi Ekdin’ to be released March 8

Film ‘Jodi Ekdin’ to be released March 8

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“Jodi Ekdin,” produced by Bengal Multimedia Limited, will be released on March 8 International Women’s Day, March 8.
Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raj directed the film. Bangladesh Film Censor Board cleared the film on January 31 without any edits. Bengal Multimedia Limited announced the release of the film with a press release.
The Director of Bengal Multimedia Limited, who is also the executive officer at RTV, Syed Ashik Rahman, said in the press release: “We all have to work together to make films in Bangladesh. I am very hopeful.
“Jodi Ekdin” will feature actors Taskin Rahman and Kolkata’s screen siren, Srabanti Chatterjee. The child artiste will be Raisa, whose character stands at the centre of the plot. Bangladesh’s popular singer Tahsan Khan, who is also an actor, model, and host, will debut as a film actor in the film “Jodi Ekdin.”
“Jodi Ekdin” will be Srabanti’s first film that is being completely produced by a Bangladeshi production house.
Saberi Alam, Fakhrul Basher Masum, Mili Basher, and many others, will star in the film. According to the press release, the film will highlight the relationship of a father and a daughter, and Tahsan, who plays the father, has a very good chemistry with the child artiste.
Some aspects of the plot will highlight the relationship of Tahsan’s character and that of Srabanti. The film can be categorized as a family drama.On December 6 of 2018, RTV released the film teaser which received a lot of praise. On January 3 of this year, RTV Music YouTube channel released a song of the film, “Lokkhishona,” which has also received a lot of praise.