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  • Quota reform: Students plan march to Bangabhaban tomorrow     |     
  • 3 major political party leaders in Barishal rally against hydraulic horns      |     
  • Hamas says 71 killed in Israeli strike on Gaza humanitarian zone     |     
  • Indian citizen dead, 12 injured in Bagerhat bus collision     |     
  • Emergency workers uncover dozens of bodies in Gaza after Israeli assault     |     

Ecosocial Change of Food Systems to Solve Food, Climate Crises

Food 2024-07-09, 12:24pm


Food as medicine

Industrial food systems have failed to meet the nutritional needs of our planet’s population. The mass extinction of species, destruction of ecosystems and disruption of the natural cycles that sustain life on Earth further affect food systems. Extractivism, commodification and financialization of nature have exacerbated exploitation, dispossession and violent evictions. The increasing control of natural resources by a small number of powerful corporations, individuals and states is also fuelling gender-based violence, intersecting forms of discrimination, and mounting inequality.

This report, by the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition, challenges false, for-profit solutions and presents alternatives anchored in the human right to adequate food and nutrition, ecosocial justice, agroecology and food sovereignty. A just ecosocial transformation of our food systems that would protect everyone’s right to food and nutrition requires global justice and the fostering of food sovereignty, harmony and balance between humanity and the environment.

- Third World Network