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German record label releases Bangladeshi music video

German record label releases Bangladeshi music video

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Majestic Casual Records, a German record label known as a pioneer in the indie music world, released a Bangladeshi music video, titled Easier, on its official YouTube channel on June 20.
The hyped music video has created a buzz among the netizen’s of Bangladesh within the first week of its release.
Bangladeshi musician Dameer Khan, the singer of the track, signed up with the German label last year. The audio version of the track was released on Majestic Casual’s channel on June 28 last year.
Dameer is currently studying in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Son of renowned musician Pilu Khan of Renaissance band, he has managed to make his own mark in music with his unconventional and lo-fi indie tunes.
Young Bangladeshi filmmaker Taha Ismail directed the visually striking music video of Easier, which stars Dameer and Sagorika Haque. He is currently studying digital film production at Ravensbourne University in London.
The director told journalists e: “I first came across Dameer’s track in June last year, and really liked what I heard, so I approached him with the idea of a music video.
“He was very much for it — both of us were in Dhaka at the same time for a short while, so we decided to make use of our time together. We got another artist friend of ours, Saif Rahman, on board to help us with the production. We sat down and discussed ideas.
“I came up with a script and shot ideas, and we just went and shot it, pretty much run and gun style. We didn’t really have a budget, so we made use of the resources and minimal equipment we had at hand. Everything happened pretty much over the course of a week, with four half-day shoots. After that, post production began, which took a couple of more weeks. Then the video was finally released almost a year later.”