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Hanif Sanket’s Eid special drama ‘Oggo-Biggo-Somachar’

Hanif Sanket’s Eid special drama ‘Oggo-Biggo-Somachar’

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Popular  television host Hanif Sanket makes two tele-dramas every year on Eid. Keeping up with this trend, on the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, Hanif Sanket is all set to entertain the viewers with a television drama that, promises to be a family-friendly drama with a social message in it. Titled as ‘Oggo-Biggo-Somachar’ the drama would be aired on Eid day at 8:30pm on ATN Bangla.
The drama revolves around a family where the mother and the son love to speak in concocted Bengali (with a mixture of English in it).
The father of the family tremendously hates this language distortion by them.
What happens, when the son gets married and his wife takes charge of the family, forms the rest of the story. Speaking about the drama, Hanif Sanket said, “The main theme of this drama is based on a very famous proverb — Empty vessels make the most noise.” Whatever that means will only be revealed on Eid day.
The major casts of the drama include: Abul Hayat, Dilara Zaman, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Mir, Sabbir, Zakia Bari Momo, Nima Rahman. The theme song of this drama is written by Mohammad Rofiquzzaman and tuned by Hanif Sanket. The song is composed by Mehedi while the vocals are given by Komol and Riyad.